Patricia Palmer
 untitled (blue and yellow)Untitled (magenta watercolor and gouache on paperuntitled (watercolor and gouache, mahogany)Untitled (watercolor and gouache, blue)Untitled (watercolor and gouache on paper, blue and green)pink chaosuntitled Untitled (watercolor and gouache on paper, yellow and red)untitled (green tangles)UntitledBoston April, 2013diptychBlue and OrangeUntitled (large spray)untitled (blue spray)trimesterUntitled (print on plastic)untitled (small blue and orange)untitled ( small blue and orange)untitled (pink lace)pink and orange with pale blue netuntitled (green and black mixed media)untitled (yellow)untitled (black and blue net)orange quadrainblue ray and orange circlesuntitled (small)untitled (gray wax)untitled (pink and green)brown and blue fanuntitled mixed media collage on paneluntitled (small print with wax)untitled (small gray and red nets)untitled (circles on paper light)White GrindMilestoneuntitled (framed painting)
Mixed Media